Eleanor Calder was born on July 16, 1992 in Manchester. She is a graduate of the University of Manchester. Eleanor Calder is a model, fashion blogger and influencer, and also an actress. She appears in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie 2016.
She used to handle a fashion blog, The Trend Pear, with her best friend, Maximilian Hurd.

Eleanor has attended many events, such as Revolve in the Hamptons, and done several collaborations with big brands like Armani Beauty, Essie, Givenchy and more.

She is currently dating former member of the boyband One Direction, Louis Tomlinson. The two have dated from 2011 to 2015, where they broke up before reuniting in early 2017 and are still going strong in 2021.

She owns two dogs, her dog Bruce and Clifford (Louis' dog).

She has traveled to a lot of places like the US, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, and more!

Eleanor is known to be a very kind person, who loves to meet fans. Her and boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, are quite secretive of their relationship which causes rumors to arise every now and then about a breakup, but they're always so supportive of each other behind the scenes.
Person 1: Omg I just met Eleanor Calder, she's so sweet! She was walking Bruce and Cliff and we talked a lot about fashion.

Person 2: Eleanor Calder has done mistakes in the past, but she's still a human just like all of us. Harassing her over it doesn't make you a better person.

Respect to be respected <3
by eleanorcalderisbae September 17, 2021
A bowl cutted fuck who has no concept of a joke and gets no bitches
“Look at this virgin mushroom”, its a cole calder
by Yer deed gran;) January 26, 2022
literally the best teacher you could have and also writes a lot of books
Clay Calder is my teacher “your so lucky lol
by Eggmastersophielol April 8, 2022
A philosophical theory based upon the circumstances where one’s conscious thoughts, perceptions, and/or beliefs come to fruition beyond the feeling of reasonable coincidence.

The eponymous theory can be somewhat compared to frequency illusion, (also known as the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon), and has some aspects of manifestation, but is not directly similar to either.
an example of the calder effect:

*talking with my dad about the fish in my room*
me: that things gotta die soon
dad: it’s been alive for 5 years and has surpassed his other 3 friends life expectancies.
*2 days later*
*fish dies*

boom . ~calder effect~
by cxlderr July 12, 2021