anyone with a penis at least 2 feet in length
look at calder, hes like a tripod
by MurderYourself! August 13, 2010
Verb: To lie, making your friend look like a huge creeper to the boy she likes, while having done none of the things you said she did. In fact, in some cases, YOU did the things that caused your friend to look like a creep.
Can be thought of as a bitchy move. Karma well come back to haunt anyone who had Caldered.
"Hey Calder, My friend was taking pictures of you while you were snowboarding... Look!"
by ToldyaIdpost September 11, 2011
The act of doing something that no one else sees as rebellious, and then taking a picture of it.
Remember that time there was the "stay off the rocks" sign only one of us was brave enough to go caldering that time.
by GingerHipster October 11, 2011
louis tomlinson's beard (played by eleanor calder and her twins, sometimes even liam payne)
"there's no way louis is dating elevator calder, he's in love with harry since he was 18"
by lightsforlou January 20, 2021
Louis Tomlinson’s Ex-beard. It was time for all to live and let live.
Did you hear Louis and Eleanor Calder split up? She’s was his Beard anyway… now Ex-beard.
by LTHS28_2022 February 23, 2022
A beard covering up for One Direction band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Is told to date Louis Tomlinson so fans "Directioners" are tricked in to thinking that Louis and Harry are not homosexual. Managment won't stop at anything to keep Louis and Harry separated from eachother.
Interviewer:Louis is it true that you have a girlfriends ,correct?
Louis: yes her name is Elanour Calder were very happy together (Harry and Louis look back at eachother to make sure they understand the lie and make everything clear that Louis and Elanour have no feelings for eachother what so ever)
by _Larry_1992 December 2, 2013
Louis Tominson's "gf".
She is a beard cuz louis is GAY
She has two beautiful dogs, Clifford and Bruce.
She is also an influencer.
person 1: hey do u like eleanor calder
person 2: LARRY 4EVER
by cheeeeeeeeeseeeee November 21, 2021