an amazing little village, where the cool kids come from!
look at him he's so cool, he must be from east calder!
by topman103 September 29, 2009
The Calder Cup is a tournament of ugly girls who battle in grueling matchups to determine who is the best (hottest) of the worst (ugly girls). It is often used to establish where someone's questionable girlfriend is on the "looks hierarchy". It only applies to girls who are a 5 or less on the 1-10 scale and a girl's echelon is determined using a playoff exit scale (1st round, conference semi-finals, east/west coast finals, or calder cup final).
Because of her hideous, scary face and average body, Billy's girlfriend would exit the Calder Cup playoffs in the East Coast Finals.
by Hershey Bears December 18, 2010
She's absolutely gorgeous! She's got such incredible eyes, placed upon the cutest face, on top of a body that's to die for! She's sweet and innocent, She's wise and witty, She's creative and stylish! She is almost perfect!
She's the girl we all want, but maybe she's too cool for all of us...

And she also likes drugs...
Pagan Calder is a Goddess!
by Saint Cig May 31, 2017
A narcissistic manipulative, good looking hippy who's fun to be around. Generally sweet person, and all the bad shit happens to her.
Dude 1: Did you see that pagan calder chick?
Dude 2: Dude, dont go with that one unless you are good at dealing with shit.
by theonewholifts February 14, 2015
sonny's super cool. she smiles a lot, and hugs a lot 2. she likes grapes so so so much that she couldn't stop telling this weird story about one. but we all love her :)
sonny calder: OMG once my mom tried to throw a grape into her mouth-"
literally everybody: WE KNOW!!!!"
by bear142567 May 29, 2019
She is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. She is influences on social networks and owns 2 adorable dogs who are called Clifford and Bruce. She is very nice even though she has a problematic past, she is nonetheless human and makes mistakes like everyone else.
"Ho no! Larries are attacking Eleanor Calder again!"
by Leavethegirlaloneplease October 30, 2020
A model,influencer,a actress in movie, blogger for trendpear and FabuLOUIS girl. She is the definition of perfect and beauty.
Eleanor calder is not beard, she is a human, who has heart of gold, smartest and funniest girl you'll ever meet.
by Just fan October 31, 2020