Pronunciation of the word 'car', used by the people of Boston, Massachussets. Not used by New Yorkers.
Were you not in the fucking ca?
by ☢_☢ August 14, 2009
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Ca, an abbreviation or 'misspelling' of Cat, is a meme relating to the DEAD AHEAD Community Server (a ROBLOX discord server where all the fans and developers can communicate). Cas, at least I believe, are one of the greatest things that we have on this blue ball we call Earth. They have made me infinitely more likeable, charismatic, attractive and friendly. My personal favourite ca is Ca 30; a Ca with white-light tawny fur, who in other circumstances would be normal looking; but in this image he is staring directly at the centre of the camera lens. The FOV (Field of View) on the camera has been turned up high, giving it a 'Fish eye lens' effect (making closer things seem closer and farther things seem farther). He has a silly expression with his tongue out and eyes almost closed (closed eyes indicate happiness), and the tongue is made even more comedic with the fish eye lens effect. All this said, I think that Ca 1 is Ca's Magnum Opus- Not necessarily the best, but the most important. It features a Ca with a blank expression, and a greyish-green colour tone. The Ca is conveying an emotion that is hard to describe; but is mainly called empty, or neutral. The reason i say its hard to describe, is that Ca 1 can be used is multiple different situations: like someone being a degenerate, saying something weird, saying something cool, saying something about Ca, and of course, Cattenings.
by Average Noah Jackson Fan January 1, 2023
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A New York pronunciation for the word car.
My ca was towed last night by the New York City police for illegal parking at Times Square.
by Maxwell January 23, 2005
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used to express a certain feeling of fondness for a person or situation situation.
Can be used alone, such as a replacement for ::Sigh:: such as "I'm in a bummy mood, "Ca."

Can also be used to refer to a person one is fond of. for example: Whattup Ca!
by Sergio Gamarra January 23, 2007
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Benedict - you're such a Ca

person - what's a Ca

Benedict - Jack T
by Damini Ogeleye March 19, 2021
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The most annoying way of saying lying
by Username Taken November 20, 2020
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1. A hispanic term meaning shit.

2. Used mainly by hispanic parents as a way to deter young children from touching things.
1. Damn that smells like ca-ca.

2. Ca-ca, don't touch that!
by Jay August 9, 2004
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