Jack is a fat cunt. He is a fucking cunt who will kick you in ass for no reason. He is usually uncoordinated and will be the biggest lick ass to all the girls around. I’ve seen him with me own three eyes and will certainly not want to be friends with people other than popular guys.
Person 1: hey I got beat up today and he was a fat cunt

Person 2: ya he was probably a jack t
by How’s it going 12345 April 19, 2019
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Jack is the type of guy to have a monster dong. All the bitches want him. It is said that he 75 bitches, all with phat asses. The bitches always tell him he has a 47 1/4 inch penis. And that is the truth. All his friends have tiny micro dongs, and they are all over 250 pounds with fat sisters. Jack's also last 2 hours in bed. Jack is also .2% black, making him better than his girlfriends ex boyfriend who was black. Jack is cool
Have you seen that guy Jack T? He has a monster cock.
by DookieFart123 November 17, 2020
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T-Jack is always ballin' and lookin' for some coochie cleavage. Is situated in the mean streets of Tredworth and can be found breaking or dropping some heavy freestyle rap with the brothers in the hood. He is very good at maths and particularly good at finding the T-Total. He has a huge coochtable and is not afraid to use it. Also known as T-Jackalypse, Big Jacka, Junkmaster Jex, The Jackmaster, T-Bar Mighty, T-Dangerous, Madd Jacka, Jack Flexx, Nasty Jacky, T-Jackulate, T-Bone Steak, T-Foxxtrot, Roger T-Hat, T-Dreddinator, T-Treoill, T-Juxxalot
What you sayin'? Did y'all brothers see T-Jack drop those sick riddims the other day? He be brewing some coochie stew up in hurr! You aight though?
by Jacka January 5, 2007
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