Benedict. A quite guy, but opens up the closer you are to him. Low key the smartest guy you'll know and the greatest friend you'll ever have.And you'll only appreciate him most when you seek his advice or ask him for help.
Random Person: "You are Benedict, right? "
Benedict: "..."
by LowKey Dictionary May 18, 2018
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Pronoun: A legendary figure who is the envy of his friends. All the ladies want to be with him, all the men want to be him.
Dave: Dude, that Benedict is so fuckin' cool, I just want to be him.
Bill: Me too. He gave my mum a spiderman monkeyface donkeypunch combo.
by chief84 July 17, 2008
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The most handsome man on the planet, he makes you laugh all the time his humor is great. He is a bit of a weirdo at heart and someone that loves doggies. He gets a bit carried away with his sarcasm but his heart is always in the right place. He has a heart of gold and loves and cares for his girlfriend.
friend: hows you and your boyfriend Benedict?
girlfriend: Benedict is the most amazing boyfriend
by turtlesrcoolerthanu November 14, 2019
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Benedict is a man or so he may seem...
The brightest star in the galaxy

A wonder to our universe!
A benevolent being who if not being the sexiest man on the planet is probably being the kindest.
People of the world be prepared because one day you may meet the Benedict...Our silent guardian, a watchful protector... a dark knight.
Have no fear Benedict is here!
by Bluelagoon18 September 8, 2014
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probably the cutest pet one can have
Females were all on me when they saw me walking my eggs benedict down the street.
by benedictowner June 30, 2009
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noun: A traitor, a Judas. Also, a sell-out. Named for Benedict Arnold, America's most infamous betrayer (during the American Revolution).
"Callin' me Arnold, but you a Benedict/ Eazy-E saw your ass and went in it quick." -- from Ice Cube's "No Vaseline"
by pablocruz February 24, 2010
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An English guy whose best hobbies is lying and cheating. Someone you shouldn't hang out with if you want your reputation to be outstanding.
I found him kissing with someone else that wasn't his girlfriend. He is such a Benedict.
by anonimous34927 September 25, 2010
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