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Once the owner of the now defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul Heyman is now a writer and on-screen character for the WWE and is seriously misused.
Seriously, Stephanie McMahon, listen to Paul's ideas. His don't suck like yours.
by ECW For Life May 21, 2005
Combat Zone Wrestling is an independant wrestling promotion based around the east coast area. Owner and wrestler John Zandig (real name: John Corso) has spent the last six years developing his promotion into what it is today: a sickening, grotesque, and just plain stupid brand of wrestling that he likes to call "Ultraviolent."
Combat Zone Wrestling: Extreme Championship Wrestling on crack.
by ECW For Life May 21, 2005
The greatest wrestler in the WWE today. Triple H is a terrific actor, a skilled wrestler, and really knows how to make you love to hate the guy.
"Man, I hate Triple H, but he's so damn cool!"
by ECW For Life May 21, 2005