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Crazy White Boys aka "Dubbs" (W) started by Stump Dog of I4NI, as well as Lexx Luger, D-Ray, and Stone. CWB's are white people who have grown up in the streets and/or urban/hiphop lifestyle. They are people who grew up feeling outcast by white people for "being black wanna bes" and by the black community for being white. They are FAR from racist, as they usually have many friends or are married to people of other ethnicities. They believe it is good there are organizations out there to help the minority groups, but do not like being discriminated against just for being the color they are, white. They believe equality should be honestly EQUAL. They are unified through more than race, but the fact that they all shared similar life stories of struggle, discrimination, and feeling left out of the very neighborhoods they grew up in/live in. While the term has been around for awhile, Stump organized it into an international movement. It is represented by the white rag (bandana) and the "W" handsign (similar to the "westside" handsign) sometimes. Rap artist Haystak has become a figure to the public and future Dubbs as well, usually being assumed as the founder of CWB. Dutch is also a well known CWB and rap artist from California. He has taken on the name of CWB as a rap group and promoted it on the west coast. CWB/CWG(girls)/Dubbs have established "sets" (gangs) all over the United States, but it is not required to "bang" with it to be a Dubb or CWB. click www.dubblife.comto check out Stump Dogs site, mainly used for its forums. The Dubbs one will see active on the internet is not the actual number out there. The real number of Dubbs is much larger, possibly reaching quietly into the thousands.
"Wassup my Dubb!"

"Them boys is CWB, keep your cool with them"

"Them white rags? yeah they CWB fa sho!"
by Just Another Dubb November 10, 2006
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"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
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crazy white or association originating in Nashville or "ca$hville" by rapper HAYSTAK..
i joined cwb because i'm a white!
by BIG C DUBB October 19, 2006
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Crazy White Bitches, containing some ghetto ass girls! CV Illie Representin!
Yo man u betta watch out fo CWB!

CWB is betta than GP!
by LeHgs April 17, 2005
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Crazy White Boys
An exclusive gang of hoodlums with main base of operations out of St. Louis Missouri, but also satellite positions in Florida, New Orleans, southern California, as well as central Missouri State.
The CWB are made up of select members who go by aliases, The Captain, The Reverend, The Journeyman, The Tone, BBD, A-Sauce, Mode, Batman, The Disciple, as well as other, more obscure lesser active members. The CWB are a combination of intense philosophical intellectuals as well as extremely hardcore partiers.
The CWB operate primarily out of two main “dens” known as “the lair” and “the house of menthol”, they are well known mischief causers, some with long arrest records, who engage in acts of vandalism, and reckless disregard for the lives of themselves as well as the lives of others.

An editorial note: I would suggest trying to avoid the CWB all costs.
"I rolled with the CWB tonight, it was fucking wild."
by eubert October 24, 2004
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