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the Corny White Girl, typically of high school/college age, CWGs are known to adapt to their surroundings, often taking corny facebook/myspace pictures in the process, CWGs are usually found in extremely tacky attire including leggings/uggs/hollister/american apparel/basically mall clothes, they will often accessorize with oversized gucci,versace (insert irrelevant designer here) sunglasses and the obligatory chanel bag, the CWG's favorite day of the year is halloween, where they will ritualistically dress up in extremely revealing/corny costumes, and of course take plenty of pictures to share with their fellow CWG/Bro (see Broseph,Bro,Douchebag) friends, last but not least it should be known that Corny Whiteness can be remedied with the help of a professional, but like VH1's Celebrity Rehab, the CWG often will deny that she has a problem whilst repeating why she is hotter/better than you.
by sufu boys klub November 09, 2008
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.. do you really need examples? we've all seem them. You will usually find a CWG lurking around the suburbs wearing vans, plaid shorts, and have too much make up on their ugly face.
by corny white girls August 12, 2008
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(c)razy (w)hite (g)irl - a female caucasian who is typically promiscious and flirtatious.
don't be such a cwg!
by fobolouso January 14, 2007
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CWG: Common White Girl

Usually found in Starbucks

Talks about Coachella

Makes references to Mean Girls

Has a Tumblr account

Makes no sense
CWG: Omg did you see that post on tumblr!

CWG2: I was at Starbucks and telling this girl about a Mean Girls quote
CWG: OMGG can't wait for Coachella this year!
by lilbabyqwerty June 01, 2016
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A white woman that puts on too much foundation on her face making it look like frosting is in place.
"Dang that CWG is looking extra frosty today"!
by marlinman July 29, 2010
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