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GP stands for "General Principal"

Usually preceeded by the word "On"
Why did you sleep with my ex girlfriend? I thought you were my best friend! Even though technically she was single, I should fuck you up just on GP
by jay blkman September 12, 2003
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g!p stands for girl peen/ girl penis. It is usually used in fanfiction and roleplaying.
Rachel stroked her thick g!p as Santana did a striptease for her.
by lisilly January 19, 2012
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GP stands for "General Principal"
In GP, Principal should be spelled: Principle
We retired school principals object to this abuse...

Usually preceeded by the word "On"
The word is spelled: preceded

I invite jay blkman, (Sep 12, 2003) to correct his entry. Thanks.
On GP, principals are known to have lofty principles.
by Dorvaldude July 16, 2005
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GP is a word used by roller-coaster enthusiasts, and simply means General Public (as in what non-enthusiasts would say/do).

The word is also used as a gatekeeping measure by some enthusiasts from letting their passions be flooded with non-enthusiasts.

NOTE: People in videos tend to say 'general public'.
1) Nemesis, at Alton Towers, is a ride not just popular with enthusiasts, but with the GP as well.

2) If you don't know what GP means, you're GP.
via giphy
by Zylx2 September 19, 2017
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1. Gold pieces.

Usually used on mutiplayer games on the internet.
Omg how much is that sword?
like.. 300gp!

(Runescape, MMM, ect.)
by vicvic30 April 13, 2007
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Could mean any of the following:

1. General principle. Usually used after the word "on".

2. Good point.

3. General purpose.

4. General population

5. Ginger Pubes

6. Good Pussy

7. Gay Pride
1. "I should beat his ass for acting like that just on GP, but I won't because he's my best friend."

2. "The letters GP have many different meanings.", "Yeah, GP."

3. "Alcohol is a GP cleaner because it kills germs well."

4. "Greasy mullets are common among the GP of trailer parks."

5. "Protective eye gear should be worn when looking at GPs."

6. "Dude she's totally GP."

7. "Don't use that Myspace layout dude, it's totally GP."
by Blarg39 August 17, 2006
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An acronym standing for Group Poop. Much like women and their periods, when men begin living together, their poop cycles coordinate. A group poop is when these strapping young whipper-snappers, members of a team, or other cohesive unit, as it were, congregate to poop together in the same facilities. While defecating, they listen to the collective bowel calisthenics and engage in witty banter or bathroom games (i.e. kicking open the stall door/paper towel bombings). Also see P.I.A.G..
"Hey guys, I'm feeling a little vulnerable, can we go take a G.P.? For old time's sake..."
by Spartan Basketball 07-08 February 22, 2008
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