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Under-rated, under-payed, over weight White rapper from the south who has went gold with record sells, yet never had a single on radio airwaves. Speaks of his life and home place. A white rapper that scares Eminem, maybe that's why no air play??
He is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, Tupac meets Biggie with Dre's beats and smooth vocals that stick.

Haystak is a white off the chain rapper!!
by Chillin115 December 03, 2005
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a wack, fat, redneck, talentless underground rapper. he's underground because no one wants to listen to his terrible music, or look at his ugly ass.

only reason he's gone gold is cause he's got so many fuckin albums out, he's bound to get some type of sales.

he is also a stan. he dissed eminem because he was mad that em didn't do a song with him (boo hoo). now, he can be known as the wack, fat, redneck, talentless udg rapper that dissed eminem. what an accomplishment.

you might wanna turn off your speakers...
by stephen1986 March 08, 2009
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