An area of land where no one can drive, everyone lives for grades, and computers rule the earth.
A place that everyone from Asia wants to live, but no one that lives there wants to stay.
by Melissa March 22, 2005
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A city in California (bay area) with 90% of people being asian.
Kids get anything and everything
Schools are hella smart
Most adults who livew here are either in the computer or medicine/pharmacy business
Cupertino is the only city where you need to know calculus when you attend elementary school
by Mia April 17, 2005
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Figurative. A state of mind in which one is present in the here and now, experiencing life as good regardless of circumstance. It is always sunny and 85 in Cupertino. It's an attitude of gratitude and detachment. A sense of durable well being.
"I am in Cupertino!" "Let's meet me in Cupertino?"
by Happyallthetime May 24, 2014
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The land of the non-Ghetto where kindergardeners run with 40 GIG iPods, elemetary schoolers compare helicopters and high schoolers don't have enough money for lunch.
"That's all? A voice activated locker? Check out my new Boeing 747!"
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1. A city of western California west of San Jose. It has an electronics industry. Population: 40,263.
2. A bubble full of sheltered kids
3. Often hang outs are Starbucks, Santa Clara Billiards, or Tapioca Express.
4. Three main rules:
a. Don't fuck with asian people
b. Don't fuck with the o.g.'s
c. Don't fuck with the asian o.g.'s
5. A gram of weed is $10-15
6. Lynbrook HS, Monta Vista HS, Cupertino HS, Homestead HS, Fremont HS
7. Keep peace
guy a: where you from man?
guy b: cupertino
guy a: where the fuck is that
guy b: my surburb ghetto.
by mwhaha May 17, 2005
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A Place Where AZN wangsta's roam free, with their "ecko" shirt they got half of on a Wall Mart sale.

Hell On EArth

A Place where people with a 3.4 and below, are outcasts in society, and people with 4.0 are just another average Joe.

while Visiting Please be sure to stop by the local RANCH 99, where the Azns brutally slaughter all types of animals from frogs to snakes. (what can i say there asians!). Where a Gas mask or air filter kuz this place smells like dead dogs, from all those chinese people eating them.
by The KAT Struck Back November 27, 2005
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The place where my dad went to HS after getting expelled from other schools.

THE HOME OF APPLE COMPUTER. YAY! I've been to Cupertino twice and counting.

There isn't much there except the headquarters of Apple, a great sushi place, and a few other notable things that I'm too lazy to note. (:
Cupertino is the ownage. I want to live there. =o
by o_o stalker. March 9, 2006
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