Queen ElizaBitch.
The queen beyond existence. This woman was thought possible to exist; somehow she was brought to this planet. She is the queen of rap music, and the best dick sucker out there. This queen makes all the ladies shook, makes all the men faint, makes Nicki Minaj question reality, and makes all the male rappers salivate. She is well known for her "Deepthroat" video, but also posts very serious topics that have affected herself, and others in her life, such as her songs: Scraps, Pedophile, 33rd.. etc... All you need to know - If you are in her presence, she finna suck yo dick, and if you a girl, shitttt it's gonna be a fiesta
CupcakKe vocally sang: "I thought I came, but I peed on the dick."
by Dr. Negative May 14, 2018
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A rapper from Illinois who went viral after her song "Deepthroat" ("Hump me, fuck me / daddy better make me choke") became popular in Vine compilations. Her lyrics are over-the-top in their sexual nature, as well as just about everything she does (she refers to her fans as "slurpers").
I was a slurper of Cupcakke before she was cool.
by Araragi April 17, 2017
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Cupcakke (Elizabeth Harris) is one of the best female rappers in the game. Her songs are inspiring and amazing. She has an awesome song called Deepthroat and another great song called Juicy Coochie. Her songs slay the world.
Jenna: Did you hear Cupcakke's new single?
Mike: YES!!!! It is amazing she is the best rapper ever!!!!
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Black girl with blond hair and pasties that does multiple songs about sex on YouTube
by IssaLx3APS March 28, 2016
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A legend who sang hit songs like ‘Vagina’, ‘LGBT’, ‘Doggystyle’ & ‘Deepthroat’. Queen of Twitter and Female Rap.
by arianaslikey December 27, 2017
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