Among the greatest First-Person Shooters Ever Made, developed by Infinit Ward. Every man on earth know what this game is.
Yeah, Im hitting up CoD4 tonight, playing with Kyle, getting to the First prestige, Ha.
by Legendary--- December 16, 2008
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Friend 1: Hey dude, want to go bike reading?
Friend 2: No.. owning.. at.. life!
Friend 1: Oh.. uhh.. CoD4.. what's your K/D ratio?
by Breadzilla June 01, 2009
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BEST GAME EVER! rets go to eefans u guys!!!!

eeffan- hey guys rets go to my house to pray some cod 4
wirr- o yea rets arr go to eefans house n pray some cod 4
phirrip- herro? we must go to mackky d's and eat some dericious food
fb- food!? wheree i want some dericious food and brew and cari hash
(robby doyre enters)
robby doyre-ahhaahhahaha hey guys rets go pray some cod 4 and eat some mackky d's
phirrip (puts on his wierd face and says) - herro!!??!?!?! we were jus tarkin bout doin dat rite now!
(aboudi enters)
bouds- hey guys lets go play some basketball and work out!
eefan- tisk tisk bouds, dont u ever know that there is more to rife ven basketbarr?
aboudi- like wut?
phirrip- rike cod 4 and video games herro praystation???
aboudi- o...u guys are cool, im gonna go eat hummus with grey
robby doyre- go ahed...eat ur pork kabobs
(walking home from mackky d's to pray some cod)
eefan- shit my berrs!!!! i dropped my pork fried rice and my remonade!
by hageman April 17, 2008
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call of duty 4. the best call of duty out as of march 2011. the birthplace of the quickscope, the 360 no scope, and spawn killing. the game that shuns hardscopers, noob-toobers, and campers. the game where everyone earned their right of passage, and if youve never played it, then your not a real gamer. better than modern warfare 2, and definitely better than black ops, where the only real way of gaming (quickscoping) doesnt exist. the kill-streak rewards are straight up, and you start out with the best gun in any game. the M40A3.
Bob: have you played cod 4?
Bill: nah i hate that game
Bob: you know bill your a shitty ass friend so fuck off and move out of your moms basement
by me>griizz April 19, 2011
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Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) is so much better on the Xbox360 than it is on the PS3 and PC.
by zWaRGaSM Xx LoB December 10, 2007
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an abbreviation used by fat, lazy fucks for call of duty 4 because actually saying "call of duty 4" takes too much energy.
after we eat some more cheesy puffs lets play some cod4
by kujh May 14, 2008
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A codeword for smoking weed. Based off the popular FPS-Shooter Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, it is used in public settings to invite friends to smoke marijuana with you. However in order to play COD4 you'll need a controller, the disc, and buddy to play with.
-Stoner 1: Hey bro, wanna go play some COD4?
-Stoner 2: Oh hell yeah man, you the bring the controller, i'll bring the disc and we'll light shit up!
by therealmichaelcera November 25, 2014
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