Friend 1: Hey dude, want to go bike reading?
Friend 2: No.. owning.. at.. life!
Friend 1: Oh.. uhh.. CoD4.. what's your K/D ratio?
by Breadzilla June 1, 2009
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Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) is so much better on the Xbox360 than it is on the PS3 and PC.
by zWaRGaSM Xx LoB December 10, 2007
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an abbreviation used by fat, lazy fucks for call of duty 4 because actually saying "call of duty 4" takes too much energy.
after we eat some more cheesy puffs lets play some cod4
by kujh May 14, 2008
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when you stay home from school just to play Call of Duty 4. this is one of the leading causes for people to stay home from school or work
"mom im not feeling to well i think i have the flu, can i stay home?" said jake the snake

"sure jacob you can stay home" said the snake's mom

"YESSSS now i can play COD4 all day thanks to the cod4 flu" thought jake as his mom walked away
by Kevinanino March 11, 2008
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To have a Call of Duty feeling in real life.

(WARNING:Do not act on thess feelings or could result in the death of friends, family, or just some innocent bystandard.)
Oh my god, those people across the field don't have names above their heads. Must...KILL...
(cod4 goggles)
by xXGODLESSNESSXx May 18, 2008
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A Person who plays copius amounts of Call of duty 4.
they usually have gamertags like II TiiKTAKKzz xx
Tom: Yo, Joe's been playing Cod4 for ages, Fuckin cod4 mandem.
by btcc August 8, 2009
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what Modern Warfare 2 should be called, just call this game COD4 2 and people get really pissed off, its hilarious
-hey is COD4 2 gonna be just like COD4?

-Pretty much, except the M16 wont be unstoppable?
by FLAMING H0M0 July 13, 2009
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