indian version of saying GOOD

originator: ownage pranks
Indian: How are you today?
by DJ Seizure May 19, 2009
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When someone pulls their pants and underwear down and farts on someone else to create an instant stink.
Oh man Josh Gorded me and the smell was horrifying.
by GordMan March 23, 2010
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The next step down from god. When something little goes right, or a plan comes to fruition, you thank gord, instead of god. "thank god" is generally reserved for the larger victories, such as winning the lottery.
"Thank Gord I didn't miss the bus!"

"Gord almighty"
by Varick von francis March 23, 2009
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A lizard of the thunderous species; a thunder lizard. Can be found at Shambhala sleeping in a cool dark place.
Look at that Gord! Just chilling in his cool dark dank place, one of the greatest thunder lizards I've ever seen!
by JadoreEDM October 27, 2011
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A fart so disgustingly rancid that it can clear out a room. Friends and co-workers alike will run for the exits holding their breath or gasping for air.
1) I think someone must have Gord in here with the amount of casualties lying on the floor.

2) I walked in the room and everyone else was clawing their way out. It appears someone must have Gord in here.
by cantbreathe December 29, 2014
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1) Your mind.
2) That which you get stoned out of.
Person 1: "Why is John acting so weird?"
Person 2: "Because he's stoned out of his gord!"
by The Fry Guy March 13, 2009
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