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Cannot Make It. Used by Singaporeans usually in games.

E.g Warcraft III The Frozen Throne and Maple Story S.E.A
Boy 1: He CMI liao lah, so noob and he still want go zak.

Boy 2: Yah lo ... He himself know he CMI still want like that.
by Angora November 30, 2007
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short for cannot make it, a favourite phrase used in Singapore to describe someone's inferior attributes , usually appearance.
the girl you intro to me cmi leh!
by Marcus October 20, 2004
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Several variations:

CMI = Cannot make it
CMI = Count Me In
CMI = Chronic Masturbatory Illness
1. Alex: Sorry man, I want to go to the movies, but I CMI

2. Random Guy: Yeah, that'd be kickass! CMI!

3. A need to excessively masturbate. AKA, Wanko-holic.
by Damage535 February 06, 2008
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Computers, Math, and the Internet. A Full Sail lecture class that teaches you everything you already knew about computers, math, and the internet
Man, I gotta CMI lecture and lab starting at 0100 hours and its over motherboards! Damn this sux! I better start drinking some BAWLS}!
by FS-Berrik February 12, 2005
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