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This girl has a CFM look
by Chio October 04, 2003
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Come Fuck Me shoes - High heeled - can be trampy looking shoes women wear when they are on the prowl.
Damn Gina, your sportin' some mighty CFM's tonight. You're sure gonna get some fo sure
by amanada foltz October 18, 2006
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Come Fuck Me. Usually said about a hot women wearing high heels and a short skirt. But when questioned by your wife/girlfriend just tell her it stands for centrifuged modulars and just point at some random object.
Man: Damn that girls is just screaming CFM
Wife: CFM? Whats that honey?
Man: Centrifuged modular you dumb cunt. I was looking at that truck over there.
by TANK EARLY May 21, 2008
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Cubic Feet per Minute, as in how much air a fan can move in a minute.
Holy shit that Vantec Tornado has a 113 CFM rating!
by scapermoya July 06, 2004
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Come Fuck Me, often used to describe sexy clothes and high heal shoes
She wore her C.F.M. outfit to the party so she would be sure to get laid.
by Labrat88 March 02, 2008
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An extreme pathological liar/embellisher.

Stands for "Ceiling Fan Man." Origin comes from someone who made up an elaborate story about having two brothers who died, one of which hung himself from a ceiling fan.
Dave: "Dylan just told me that his dad is part owner of the Cincinnati Bengals."
Morgan: "What a fucking C.F.M."
by The Real Dave Haggard August 20, 2006
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Complete Fucking Moron

Someone whom is so brain dead that they cant be in public without doing something stupid or pissing someone off.
Person 1- ''Hey did you see Kyle in the store last night ? He was riding in a shopping kart down the aisles and knocked over ten grocery shelves and killed two people!''

Person 2- ''Kyle is a CFM.''
by IceAngel420 February 26, 2014
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