Come Fuck Me. Usually said about a hot women wearing high heels and a short skirt. But when questioned by your wife/girlfriend just tell her it stands for centrifuged modulars and just point at some random object.
Man: Damn that girls is just screaming CFM
Wife: CFM? Whats that honey?
Man: Centrifuged modular you dumb cunt. I was looking at that truck over there.
by TANK EARLY May 22, 2008
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"Cute for Microsoft":

1. A term derived for boys/men and girls/ladies working on campus at Microsoft. Allows for a nerd or anyone else that would typically fly under the radar at a bar/pub to be listed in a "cute" category. Due to the tendency of Microsoft to lack those rated on a scale of "8", "9", or "10".
2. A back-handed compliment.
What do you think of that one?" "...oh him? um, yea he's definitely CFM.
by p_bear July 2, 2010
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Complete Fucking Moron

Someone whom is so brain dead that they cant be in public without doing something stupid or pissing someone off.
Person 1- ''Hey did you see Kyle in the store last night ? He was riding in a shopping kart down the aisles and knocked over ten grocery shelves and killed two people!''

Person 2- ''Kyle is a CFM.''
by IceAngel420 February 26, 2014
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This is an acronym, usually capitalized which means a "Certified F**k Monster. It can be a man, but usually refers to a woman. This is a classy woman that takes great pride in her sexual wants, needs, and capabilities. Generally, she is not promiscuous. She is always up for everything and anything at anytime.
My girlfriend is a true CFM. I could not ask for anything more. She is tireless and limitless, whenever we are together. On top of all that she is very beautiful and classy.
by Panchoman Jr. June 7, 2007
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CFM means Crypton Future Media

Crypton Future Media is a company know for making VOCALOIDs like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO
"Have you heard of the new cfm VOCALOIDs?"
by Kaozoko April 14, 2021
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An extreme pathological liar/embellisher.

Stands for "Ceiling Fan Man." Origin comes from someone who made up an elaborate story about having two brothers who died, one of which hung himself from a ceiling fan.
Dave: Dylan just told me that his dad is part owner of the Cincinnati Bengals.
Morgan: He's such a CFM!
by The Real Dave Haggard August 19, 2006
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