Canadian Born Chinese, a person who's parents are of Chinese (China, HK, Taiwan, overseas Chinese) descent that is born in Canada
Mike? He is not an immigrant. He is a CBC
by ben1979 July 22, 2003
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A big school of homosexuals that recieve purple and gold "Pleasure Sticks" on freshman orientation

They stock there lockeroom showers with tons of slippery bars of soap hoping that one might just slip out of your hands. "Dropping the soap"

They are known to be dicks, and are the cockiest MCC school for having such bad athletics, (Whoopy your good at hockey...thats it)

Will forsurely make thousands of dick moves throughout a lifetime and even if one is your friend, he will most likely get your girlfriend drunk then take advantage of her.

Think its cool to dip, smoke cigs, or swishers

which i recall a story of one cbc kid spittin tabacco out on the dance floor at a nerinx hall mixer, what a fag

And the only girls these guys can get have to be atleast one grade below them...i have seen a junior from there go out with an eigth grader, "tool"

DeSmet, Vianney, Sluh, Chaminade kids all agree
One CBC kid to another: Damn man if we were as good as much as we say we are we'd win state at everysport, even chess!

by Patrick Dellworth April 03, 2008
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Cock Block Crew. It can be used as a noun or a verb.
Kev totally CBC'd him from getting with Tila.


I had to be CBC last night to prevent the freshman from getting with the Argentinian.
by Cornell CBC April 19, 2009
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That goofy head a** chat b*tch a** n*gga cleiton.
Man where is that n*gga CBC

CBC finna get packed today
by Yktv April 24, 2020
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Cbc boy: WAHHHH WAAHHHHH!!!!!!! i want my mommmy!!! i guess i'll just settle for a school full of cry babies like myself!
by Adult. not baby. July 07, 2006
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CBC - Cougar Booty Call

The act of a younger male calling an older female when he is in possession of an urge for some MILF style interaction
Josh came back late from the pub late but still horny so made a CBC to Drew to check her availability
by DrewandTom August 21, 2019
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Cock Blocking Coalition. It is good to CBC a drunk friend to keep him from making a mistake with a beat slut, but it sucks with self important girls decide they are going to CBC you when you're hooking up with their friend.
Damn dude that chick is hideous and she's hitting on our bro, we need to go CBC her ass.


That stupid ugly whore CBC'd me when I was getting play from her hot friend.
by jack the tripper man March 23, 2008
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