Watch the American taxpayers get robbed, LIVE!
"I was feeling good about politics, so i turned on C-span and began to sob"
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Highly accurate news, showcasing congress, that is super boring.
Why can't more people watch C-Span?
by Clutterofmass March 17, 2019
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The noises related to the act of sex (i.e., "sexual congress," or "congress"), loud enough so as to be heard through walls, floors, etc., by other individuals.

As in "to have C-Span on," or "to be listening to C-Span."
I didn't get any sleep -- my roommate and his girlfriend had C-Span on all night long.
by Sturdypants April 24, 2007
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The C-SPAN Challenge is the attempt to successfully bring oneself to orgasm while watching the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network.
I tried the C-SPAN Challenge, but couldn't get off when they began that memorial to deceased soldiers.
by thee-emster February 24, 2020
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When you prank call somebody talking about Howard Stern.
Carl: "Hey, Randy, did you hear about Ryan? He got the C-Span Special and now he's binging the Howard Stern Show."

Jack: "Really, I got one, too."
by Mr. Whiskers' Cat June 27, 2019
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