The adjective form of definition. Used when one wants to talk about a word, term, or phrase in relation to its definition.
The word "set" with its 400-odd meanings proves that it punches above its definitional weight.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian October 16, 2017
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A series of words used to explain the meaning of another word; sometimes don't make sense
Ran: to have run.

Pain: Strong, sharp physical discomfort
by Xavier breath March 21, 2005
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What you're reading now, dork.
I'm a dork for writing a defintion of definition, as you are also a dork for reading this defintion of defintion.
by papermachete October 28, 2005
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the authors interpretation of a word based on his linguistical competency and educational background. is a great place for complete idiots to turn seemingly normal words into sexually explicit definitions, but also a great place to poke fun at modern day vernacular.
by ritechus September 12, 2005
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In contemporary English, "definitely" means "never". A face-saving maneuver in conversation...when somebody says definitely, it's an up-front lie.
"Hey, we should get coffee some time and hang out!"
"Uh...Yeah, definitely!"
by Michelle M. May 1, 2008
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Person 1: I definitely hooked up with her.
Person 2: Cool.
Person 3: Are you being sarcastic?
Person 1: Yeah.
by Skyboxfan October 22, 2018
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