An account of a thing's essence. A thing's definition consists of its genus and differentia.
What is the definition of "man"?
"Man is a rational animal." Animal is the genus, and rational is the differentia.
by Suhcnele July 31, 2010
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Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of definition, on a website with definitions you retarded fuck
Fuck off cunt.... definition...........
by NiggerFaggot03 April 20, 2017
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A word that indicates something is NOT going to happen.
by SouthLondoner July 8, 2010
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Having distinct or certain limits - However, this adverb is OVERUSED by many idiotic twenty-somethings - This can be witnessed time and time again on moronic "dating" shows such as, for example, "Elimidate" or "The 5th Wheel" - Males and females alike are guilty of this bizarrely exagerrated use of the word 'definitely'. It's the 'totally' of the 90s/00s...
She: "I definitely think Josh is hot - But he definitely doesn't wax so I'm definitely going to have to go with Brad."

He: "Jennifer's definitely hot. She definitely has a nice body. But Jessica definitely rocks my world more. So I'm definitely going to ask her out"
by Totally Kim October 15, 2003
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What are you doing jim?"
"Im definitioning Wassenhaffenoof"
"Your a fucking disgrace Jim.
by Florper May 20, 2019
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