6 definitions by Xavier breath

A sentence used to express the relationship of words, : can mean "is to" and :: can mean "as"
Arm is to leg as hot is to cold

have sex : lose virginity :: jumping off a cliff : death
by Xavier breath April 19, 2005
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A series of words used to explain the meaning of another word; sometimes don't make sense
Ran: to have run.

Pain: Strong, sharp physical discomfort
by Xavier breath March 21, 2005
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Someone who is your age or close to it.
"I sentence you to be exposed before your peers! Tear down the wall!!!!!!"
by Xavier breath March 23, 2005
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A crude dialect that noobs speak in; often involves insults, the number one thousand, three hundred thirty-seven typed multiple times. Also involves "L" and "O" typed in rapid sucession. numbers are also common in words. You can type some basic noobish by bashing your head against a keyboard several times, and misspelling words.
L3ik, OMG! YOU R SEW RETARDED! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLO 13371337133713371337 drtrfgyiuuiyt 6rt54fewrtftyy7uty 65rtererttrerqwtrfyt+! lolololol, U R AN 1D10+!!!!!lololololo
by Xavier breath March 8, 2005
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