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At the top of a flight of stairs, while fornicating your lover doggy style, when your just about to cum, take it out of her, and smack her in the head. When she gets pissed and turns around, cum in her eye, shove a fishbowl over her face and shove her down the stairs while waving a laser pointer around and scream "TO INFINITE AND BEYOND!!"
The girl will be massively confused, trying to stop falling, and trying to wipe the cum out of her eyes, but the fishbowl will keep her from getting it out of her eyes.

You have just succesfully accomplished the buzz lightyear.
"...So I took it out of her butt and gave her a Buzz Lightyear! God, that bitch wouldn't stop screaming. It was great."

I take no credit for this. This series of events was thought of by my good friend Devon. He's an awesome mother fucker. hah
by dialkenken220 November 12, 2008
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An unmarked Police car.
"Nick was pulled over by a Buzzlightyear. He never saw it coming."
by Lee Richard Smith August 09, 2005
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in verb form: the process of being pulled over and/or being caught offguard by an unmarked police car
sefl-evident, but "It sucks when you are driving and suddenly get buzzlightyeared."
by marty fin kellog October 03, 2005
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