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Not a good word. Definately does NOT mean blessing.

Enyo is similar to the goddess Eris (strife). Her name means WAR in Greek. She is often depicted with the god Ares, who's name also means war, along with Deimos (dread) and Phobos (panic).

Trust this sorce, I'm a mythology NERD!!!
I'm going to name this child Enyo, because one day she will destroy the world.
by Nomad-Putin December 29, 2011
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It means blessings, something good, to bless and it comes from African countries mainly from Nigeria from the langauage igala.
sarah:may God enyo you as you travel
chris:thanks,may something enyo happen to you

or you could say
chris:i name this child enyo because she will be a blessing to all.
by ennie April 20, 2008
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this is an ancient eastern word for booger.
Tip well or the pizza guy will deposit enyo's on your next order.
by Jeff December 20, 2004
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