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Livy. Wow. Where to start? Livy is that girl. Y'know. The girl. The one you always wanna be around. She's funny, smart, nice, has the cutest laugh. She also has the most beautiful eyes, and the cutest tiny nose you've ever seen. She's the girl who's cute and beautiful, yet dorky and weird (in a good way). She's great to be around, and she is the best friend you'll ever have. Supportive, gives good hugs, and knows how to make anyone feel better. She likes all the same edgy metal bands you like, and will talk to you for hours about the most random shit in the world. She has pretty hair, a soothing voice, breathtaking eyes, and her smile just makes you feel all bubbly and happy. She's beautiful, even if she doesn't think so. She is. She'll try to convince you otherwise, but its a bunch of bullshit. She's beautiful. She's perfect. She's Livy. I love her. Plus, she doesn't mind random texts about lemons or comic books. In conclusion, Livy is fucking epic. And you'd be crazy not to like her. She's great👍
"I wish I could hang out with Livy more. She's pretty cool."
"Livy *insert other sentence words* "
by stardust625 October 29, 2019
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Name for an excellent human being of superb character and astounding sex appeal.
"Livy is pretty much the coolest girl ever."
by OFS December 23, 2004
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A livy is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. they have blonde hair and blue eyes. they play a good bunch of sports. they’re absolutely hilarious. they’re actually the defining of quirky . they can get on ur nerves sometimes but how can you not forgive them. U always wanna hang out with them and they always put on a show. they’re absolutely gorgeous even if they don’t believe it at times
1:that livy girl is literally SO funny

2: i want to get closer to livy
by mOtHER ShReK June 21, 2019
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