To become offended or upset (such as you would after taking it in the ass in prison) after a smart-assed comment is made. Most of the time it is over something pathetic
Carl got real butt hurt after receiving the nickname Hot-Carl.
by B.A-M.F January 17, 2008
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The definition of someone who is really pissed and or annoyed about something as if they just got fucked in the butt. REAL HARD
" Alexis was butthurt when the patriots lost the super bowl to the GIANTS twice!"

" Dimitri swallowed a toy bee and was butthurt that he couldn't shit for days" figuratively and literally
by Beavis and butthurt February 25, 2012
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Taking offense at something and getting pissy and dramatic about it.
I farted in her face and she got all butt-hurt.
by The Kid! June 17, 2004
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the act of getting so offended by something as to the point of excess.
man, that guy was all butt-hurt when you took the last slice of pizza.
by joe pawski June 15, 2004
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Excessively and dramatically indignant.

Imagine that you have half-heartedly kicked some deserving party in the pants, and he is now acting as if he were mortally wounded. Then imagine the equivalent behavior in response to a verbal kick in the pants.
"My mom left me ten voicemails in one hour, so I asked her just what the big fucking emergency was. And she got butt-hurt because I used a dirty word!"
by Qit el-Remel March 24, 2008
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When a person is offended, mad, upset, pissed off, hurt, etc... for something you said or did.
* She got all butthurt because we didnt invite her to go shopping with us.

* When I had to cancel our date at the last minute, my boyfriend got all butthurt about it!
by sxc_biotch July 10, 2008
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