A group of internet bullies that have too much time on their hands. Mostly in K-Pop fandom. They will nitpick Idols for the smallest thing. More likely to target female Idols than their male counterparts.
Fan 1:Did you hear the news about Seolhyun and Zico's breakup?
Fan 2:I did, I think it's horrible that netizens bullied Seolhyun about their relationship.
by bulbunny January 6, 2017
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This word is a variant on citizen. A person who interacts with others on the internet. In effect, anyone who uses the internet becomes a netizen.
As netizens, we have a responsibility to ensure that social customs are adhered to.
by Wylie February 4, 2003
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Nobody uses this word except Korean.
by Yugga September 17, 2003
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Just as a "citizen" is a member of a country, a "netizen" is a member of the internet. However, this term is overhyped and inaccurate Web 2.0 self-love for the following reasons:

- Citizens have legal rights regarding free expression and protection against illegal harassment and discrimination. Netizens do not.
- Citizens have legal responsibilities to their country including refraining from illegal harassment and discrimination. Netizens do not.
- Citizens are defined by their country, thus tied to a geographical location and forced to face the consequences of their opinions, choices and actions in that country. Netizens are not.
- Citizens are personally identifiable. Netizens are not.
This week, the blogosphere has been buzzing, with netizens giving their opinions on today's hot and pressing topic: Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis? Netizen 'bieberfever4evaa11' said: 'JUSTIN BEIBER(sic) IS CLERLY(sic) NOT WELL, LEAVE JUSTIN BEABER(sic) ALONE!!' He - or she - later added: 'THESE ARE REAL TEARS I'M CRYING'
by turnoutthelights November 29, 2010
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As defined by Michael Hauben, author of the book, Netizens:

"...people who care about Usenet and the bigger Net and work towards building the cooperative and collective nature which benefits the larger world."

"...people who work towards developing the Net."
You are a Netizen if you contribute to the online community in a positive fashion, allowing the community to grow.

Tom is the epitomy of a Netizen, he spends all his free time in those tech support forums answering people's questions about computers.
by ac604 June 2, 2005
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an active participant in communal online activities
I was invited to chat with other gamers by a netizen but decline due to lack of definite time.
by The Return of Light Joker October 27, 2010
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