Jesica the name of a wonderful angel.Jesicas are smart funny and sweet.not to mention wild never ever let a jesica go they are the best thing anyone could ever hope for. Dont know what Id do without my jesica she is the best thing and best person ive ever met. Jesicas love and love and love and have a drop dead gorgeous smile
That girl jesica really is something man

I wish jesica liked me

Jesicas hot
by Jesaonez September 4, 2017
a wonderfull name that means "gracious gift from God"
everyone loves jesica even if their noe religous
by Albee May 1, 2008
1.The name usually describes a beautiful, amazing girl who knows how to get your attention. Has urge to talk alot and random tirades. Never get into an altercation with her, she will win
2. Also means a gift from god
3. Person who is and has really good friends.
person 1: that girl is so hot, who is that she?
person 2: her name is Jesica, she's catholic
person 3: i wish she was my friend
by valong February 1, 2009