A kind of music popular amoung tweens esp. in the midwest and is usualy found in the alternative rock section of a music store. Butt rock bands usualy have perdictable percusion break downs, simple bass lines, simple gutar riffs and overly emotional/ semi romantic lyrics. The trade mark of butt rock is the straind vocals that make the sinnger sound like he is constipated. This is where "butt" rock gets its name. Examples include: Hinder, Creed, Matchbox 20, three doors down, avenge seven fold, ect. Its is possable for a band to resemble butt rock but not actualy be butt rock. I.E. staind, coldplay, foo fighters.
Man, I just got back from that Creed concert and it was all butt rock.
by matic1989 April 28, 2010
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A style of hard rock from 1986 to 1992 with nothing original to add to the genre of hard rock. Their songs consist of the same over-used series of power chords and corny lyrics and may often contain the use of keyboards or (Lord help us) a keytar , but are just following what hard rock and metal bands have done from 1970's-1985.

Butt Rockers have been plastered all over MTV through the late 80's and early 90's because of a pretty boy image seen by recording executives as a pre-teen goldmine.

Butt Rock Pioneers include Bon Jovi, Poison, Warrant, Skid Row and Winger, Lita Ford, Europe and Telsa.

Performers are usually depicted as having long, "big" hair that is either bleached blond, dyed black or permed to death. Tight, ripped jeans or spandex, bright colored ripped and/or shredded shirts and excessive use of animal print bandanas.

Butt Rock bands rarely put out more than 2 albums. Their first album was only popular because the sounded like one of their predecessors, then trying to experiment with their own style was grossly insufficient to have any lasting effect on the market.
Motley Crue is still touring after nearly 30 years.
Warrant (or any member of) hasn't been heard from since 1991, despite attempts.

Butt rock has no originality.
by Catera January 09, 2011
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Term, often used disparagingly, that refers to a type of rock music popular during the 1980s and early 1990s typified by band members (predominantly male) who wore makeup and tight leather or spandex pants, and used gratuitous amounts of hairspray in their overzealous 'dos. Responsible for the "power ballad" and music that promotes depravity and glorifies cheap, meaningless sex.
Winger fan: Dude, Kip Winger is the King of Buttrock.
Motley Crue fan: Go fuck yourself, there is no buttrock without the Crue!
Slayer fan: Your both fucking retarded. Buttrock sucks buffalo cock.
by BigBootyHo June 14, 2007
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buttrock is all of the bullshit you hear on the radio and every band at rockfest, mind you not every song on the radio. buttrock bands include the following: nickelback, shinedown, buckcherry, theory of a dead man, red, chevelle, dautry, and any other bands that sound alike. the end........no band from any decade but the millennium can be included in this genere. if you like this music you are a buttrocker.
see definition buttrock
by real deal peter steel April 15, 2010
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Butt rock is the any Heavy Metal music from the eighties that is so horrible that it is both hysterical and hella rad at the same time. These bands usually have amazingly ugly members who wear exceedinly tight pants big hair and make up. One good way to tell if a band is "Butt Rock" is if during their music video, the drummer blows a kiss to the screen while drumming
Quiet Riot and Twiztid Sister are the best examples of butt rock. If you really want to know about the radness of butt rock download the song "Cum on feel the noise!" by Quiet Riot
by rad kid December 11, 2003
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Butt Rock is rock and roll that is often severely lacking in originality but ends up being largely popular because idiots tend to be mesmerized by it.

An easy way to identify whether or not music is butt rock is to play it in a room full of white trash on methamphetamines. If they start head-banging, then you've got yourself some butt rock.

Limp Bizkit is some of the worst butt rock ever to grace the air waves.
by MonstBlitz February 21, 2009
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Any rock or hard rock band from 1983 to 1990 that wore spandex and wailed about chicks & cars. Also, hair was either mullet or highly gooed with hairspray. Glacier washed denim and leather were the fashion of butt rock.
Slaughter, Dio, Dokken, Ratt, Poison, Great White, White Lion, Steelheart, Tesla, Grim Reaper, Def Leppard, Vixen, Danger Danger, Skid Row and Bullet Boys.
by Hair and Butt Rock Sucks May 16, 2003
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