Mid to late 70s rock music about getting drunk, smoking marijuana and screwing skanky women, women who might quite possibly have sexually transmitted diseases.
by coldchicken23 November 02, 2003
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buttrock is also referred to as cockrock and hair bands... The most amazing music to grace this earth and occured mostly in the 80's.
Rock you like a hurricanne.

you shook me all night long

"Wow did you see Ozzy bite the head off that bat? What a true buttrocker."

"That punk said he doesn't like buttrock, he sucks at life."
by Melissa-the buttrocker-D March 02, 2006
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a piece of poo that sits just outside the hole on the outer rim and solidifies to the point where you need scissors to cut it out from the anal roothairs.
by jeff johnson -atlanta September 08, 2004
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in the 21st century - all bass minimalist satire pre post hardcore midwest punk metal
"Richardson" Richardson is quality butt rock.
by JKKFace February 09, 2010
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I think Butt Rock was coined by older Gen-Xers with a definition like that given above by the writer "Reformed Butt Rocker": Butt Rock is plodding 1970s boogie rock, music of the sort that the characters in the movie "Dazed and Confused" might have listened to. For the people born a decade later, the term came to mean the working class rock of the 1980s--this being the heavy metal that was mainstream enough to get played on MTV in prime time. The common denominator is that the term derides the music that is associated with lower-class stoners, football hooligans and their American equivalents, and other uncouth types. The original definition may be antiquated, but it's still valuable knowledge, linguistically speaking.
Foghat's "Slow Ride" - the Platonic ideal of a Butt Rock song, released during the (original) Butt-Rock peak of 1975.
by Butt Rock Historian August 29, 2006
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Butt rock is a genre that is liked by many 30 year olds that still want to be cool and rocking. They will go to a local band's show at the bar and starting moshing and throw up a random "horns" sign while headbanging. The music can be described as chugging detuned guitar riffs with a singer/screamer that has a hint of a southern accent. You can expect the drummer of all butt rock bands to have a fan blowing his hair back. Some examples are Creed, Hinder, Shinedown, Seether, Crossfade, and any other band on the disc set of Buzz Ballads. Their lyrics are about their alcoholism or their insane mental sickness. Here are some generic butt rock titles
"Arms of a faceless angel"
"Im an alcoholic 30 year old going through a midlife crisis"
"Honey, Im going to beat you"
"Arms Wide Open"
"Wazzup dog are you goin to the Disturbed and Nickelback show at the ampitheater?"
"Hell no, butt rock is for 30 year olds!"
by Rexarthegreat February 07, 2008
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let me start off by saying that "Butt Rock" is a misunderstood art form. Butt Rock as defined by the everyday world is "a song or songs that is/are horrible but EVERYONE reacts to."

I have seen many people who swear up and down that 80s rock is the worst ever, but when "cum on feel the noise" or "holy diver" or "separate ways" come on, they are rocking along with everyone else.

Bands who performed "Butt Rock" wre known as Hair Bands.
Quiet Riot, Dio, Journey. Also: Motley Crue, Supertramp, Scorpions, Whitesnake.

"I hate Butt Rock...but I LOVE this song, who sings it?"
by Rockin! June 13, 2007
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