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A form of Hard Rock. Originating from mishearing an advertisement for Hard Rock music, since made into a pseudo-official sub-genre of Hard Rock. Popular bands attributed to Butt Rock are Nickle Back, 3 Doors Down, Five Finger Death Punch, Crush 40, and more.

Typically, the lead singers have a very passionate tone when singing, often to an infectious degree. A lot of songs in this sub-sub-genre have very cheesy delivery/lyrics.

3D Sonic games are home to some of the most well-known instance of Butt Rock, becoming a tradition since Sonic Adventure. With classics like "Open Your Heart," "Sonic Boom," "Fist Bump," & "Sonic Heroes."
Other non-band examples are the Dragon Ball Z theme song "Rock The Dragon," and the BattleToads theme.
Yo, that's some great Butt Rock!
by ContraZombie4 October 25, 2018

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