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To "do a whitesnake" is the act of leaving your friends or colleagues at a bar or club and not tell them your leaving.
This is done in order to bypass lengthy goodbyes or to avoid a peer pressure situation to stay and consume more alcoholic beverages when you just want to go home.
A usual tactic is to excuse oneself to use the bathroom and then not return.
"Hey have you seen Tony anywhere??"

"No not in a while, said he was going to the bathroom"

"I bet he's after doing a whitesnake!!"
by Jester12 April 03, 2013
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To be cut off durning a sentence by a good friend; ie. Changing the subject quickly
Russell was telling us how much in love he was with Holly when Keith speaks out loudly "How about some of that Whitesnake". Damn, Russell just got "Whitesnaked"
by Russell Pridgen September 26, 2007
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1. excellent metal band founded in late 70's by former Deep Purple member David Coverdale.

2. penis
1. "Crank up the Whitesnake, bubba!"

2. "Sit on my whitesnake, sweetcheeks!"
by Joe Bone March 17, 2005
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The greatest love-rock, cock-rock band on the planet. The songs are so pumping and rocking, yet so soulful and melodic. Whatever mood your in, there will be a Whitesnake song that suits your situation. Plus David Coverdale is the best singer, songwriter and frontman in the world!!
"Whitesnake songs come straight from, and go straight through, the heart. Coverdale rules"
by Mike20070 May 30, 2005
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When a woman snorts a line of cocaine off a mans erect penis.
Jeff: Dude, last night was so crazy, Maria did a white snake.

Jim: O man, I have been trying to get linda to do one of those for a long time.
by Mitchell Obama January 20, 2008
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