To be cut off durning a sentence by a good friend; ie. Changing the subject quickly
Russell was telling us how much in love he was with Holly when Keith speaks out loudly "How about some of that Whitesnake". Damn, Russell just got "Whitesnaked"
by Russell Pridgen September 26, 2007
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To "do a whitesnake" is the act of leaving your friends or colleagues at a bar or club and not tell them your leaving.
This is done in order to bypass lengthy goodbyes or to avoid a peer pressure situation to stay and consume more alcoholic beverages when you just want to go home.
A usual tactic is to excuse oneself to use the bathroom and then not return.
"Hey have you seen Tony anywhere??"

"No not in a while, said he was going to the bathroom"

"I bet he's after doing a whitesnake!!"
by Jester12 April 03, 2013
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A cougar who hangs out in dirty biker bars dancing sexy in front of the stage hoping to pick up one of the players in the nightly 80's rock cover band. Sports a somewhat standard cougar appearance- i.e. bleached out blond hair, orange tan, breast implants- but also has the added 'flair' of a tight pair of stone/acid washed jeans, belly shirt with exposed dolphin navel ring, faded butterfly tramp stamp, 5 year old cell phone strapped to her belt and an ever present pack of Virginia Slims. Usually smells like Jovan Night Musk. Screams out phrases like "Yeah,Baaaaby!" and "You can't handle THIS!" and "Play some Nickleback!" at the band after doing shots of Tequila Rose. Most likely will be found passed out in the bathroom at the end of the night with smeared lipstick and urine and/or vomit on her pants.
"That old drunk lady is less of a cougar and more of a Whitesnake"
by Hey,Zeus! December 15, 2007
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An alcoholic beverage in the Louisiana Slushie family. To prepare: pour cheap white wine over ice in a red plastic Solo cup. Add a tab of trucker speed and stir. Garnish rim with bubble gum flavored Chap-Stick. Serve in the backseat of a car parked in a convenience store parking lot. Def Leppard soundtrack optional.
Hey man, my girlfriend's fixin' to fight Crystal in a minute. Mix us a couple of Whitesnakes and pass 'em back here to the backseat. I want to get me some before her lip needs stitched.
by Beer Shart February 26, 2011
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The onset of something bad. Its origins were a combination of scouse wit & yorkshire genius. "To Go White" is a term often used in Northern realms when someone has smoked too much MaryJane. When this happened to someone we (the fools at the time in 1995) shouted whitesnake & sang "Here I Go Again on my own"
David Coverdale has therefore achieved a godlike status.
This then developed into a saying for a bad thing, and now even my mum says it & shes a right tea-totaller!!!
You stub your toe - "Whitesnake!!!"
You miss the bus - "Whitesnake!!!"
by The Rockinggoose July 06, 2006
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1. excellent metal band founded in late 70's by former Deep Purple member David Coverdale.

2. penis
1. "Crank up the Whitesnake, bubba!"

2. "Sit on my whitesnake, sweetcheeks!"
by Joe Bone March 17, 2005
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