Gay romantic rock crap.

I cant believe Lisa is trying to get me to go to that butt rock show on friday.
by jet boy September 29, 2007
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a genre of rock where the lead singers raspy voice initiates a tingling feeling in the rectum area which causes the listeners butt to rock out and crap because the music is shit.
Kings of Leon, Daughtry, Nickle Back, Creed, Match Box 20, Fuel, Three doors down, stone temple pilots, greenday because they suck and they bleed butt rock
by boofont September 13, 2009
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Butt Rock is really irony. In simple terms it is any music that one does not like and/or lives in denial that they actually listened to that music during that time period but now want to pretend they did not. It has actually nothing to do with quality of said music just the arrogance, inflated ego, and heavy pride of the one labeling it butt rock so they can distance themselves and feel superior.

The sad truth is that those who label it butt rock may as well had been those that listened to it at the time and thus are calling themselves butt rockers. Hence the irony.
Butt Rock? Art #5 knows he listened to that music back in the 80s. He is not fooling anyone. He knows he was a butt rocker then.
by Devin MacGregor January 10, 2008
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Typified by bands that dressed and looked "gay" by today's standards, but who's music and especially guitar solos melted face.
dude 1: That guitar solo from the scorpions kicked ass!
dude 2: Ya butt rock melts my face!
by Jewwybacca April 19, 2008
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A term used by insecure male music fans who dislike bands like Creed and Nickelback because they do not want to admit they like that music, and instead project a homoerotic connation to compensate insecurity.
I heard that song Higher by Creed, I really liked it, but I cannot let anyone know so I am going to tell everyone I heard that butt rock band Creed on the radio.
by John_Utah December 25, 2018
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There is one other term for butt rock. It has nothing to do with a genre of music or era, like all of the above, but actually has to do with music within a movie or video game.

Butt rock is terribly cheesy heavy metal played in a scene or moment to make it more "intense". Hundreds of things have butt rock, usually in action movies and games. The music isn't by any particular artist, but just created by some people. Think of it as Elevator music.
I couldn't stand the butt rock playing when he whipped out that machine gun and shot all those ninjas.
by D-Shiznate October 05, 2007
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Also, know as "Fag Rock". Originating in the late 90's and continuing into the early 00's, this was the favourite music of the lost generation with no real musical identity - Grunge was gone, and a new wave of faggy frat-boys with wallet-chains emerged. These were untalented douchebags that sang about beer and cars and frat parties and scoring their best friend's girlfriend. Mundane, boring, clichéd, tripe.

Fagrock (or butt-rock) bands include:

1. Millencolin
2. Blink 182
3. Sum 41
4. Stain’d
5. Alien Ant Farm
6. Linken Park
7. Limp Bizkit
8. The Offspring
9. Wheatus
10. Goldfinger
11. Crazy Town
12. Hundred Reasons
13. Shelter
14. Crackout
15. Jimmy Eat World
16. Everclear
17. Alkaline Trio
18. Nickelback
19. Smashmouth
20. Sugar Ray
21. 311
22. Feeder
23. OPM
24. Puddle of Mudd
25. Fenix TX
26. Lostprophets
27. LFO
28. Reel Big Fish
29. Bowling for Soup
30. Stamford Amp
31. Elviss
32. Busted
33. Something Corporate
34. Simple Plan
35. Good Charlotte
36. Bloodhound Gang
37. American Hi-Fi
38. Less than Jake
39. Violent Delight
Dude - you listen to Puddle of Mudd? But they're butt rock - you essentially have no taste in music. It's a pity you weren't born 10 years earlier, you would have had dozens of awesome bands to grow up with like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, RATM, Faith No more, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, Blind Melon, etc. You've been left with the dregs.
by Michael league May 28, 2017
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