Someone who wants to explore new places on foot, car, plane, etc.
Chris McCandless referred to himself as "Alex Supertramp" as a surname.
by cea2010 December 20, 2008
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Progressive rock band from the 1970s. Famous for songs such as "Goodbye Stranger," "The Logical Song," "Breakfast In America," "Take The Long Way Home," "It's Raining Again," , and "Bloody Well Right." However, their better songs were those that were not as popular, such as "Fools Overture," "Another Man's Woman," "A Soapbox Opera," and "Don't Leave Me Now." The main songwriters of Supertramp were Rick Davies (Keyboards) and Roger Hodgson (Keyboards, Guitar). They had one of the most orgasmic sax players of all time, John Helliwell. If you do not yet know of Supertramp, go listen to them NOW.
Roger Hodgson is usually thought of as the reason for Supertramp's success, but Rick Davies was just as good of a songwriter and even better pianist, writing such songs as "Goodbye Stranger," "Bloody Well Right," and "Another Man's Woman."
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
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A 'Tramp' is the English(English) word for a homeless man. Or a wanderer. Similar to what a Hobo is in English(American). Super, obviously, means grander or of greater or more positive substance. So Super Tramp means literally a Grander, Better version of a homeless person. Usually it is used when describing a type of person who tends not to put down roots, travels widely but out of choice, and so usually is financially and therefore visibly better off than a 'Hobo'.
'Mike's constantly on vacation, and even when he's not he's always out of state. He's a bit of a SuperTramp to be honest!
by The Riverman September 5, 2015
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What the band named themseves after they met your sister! That's what the DJ on the radio said after playing their hit "Give a Little Bit".
After Supertramp scored several hits singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Roger Hodgson converted to the teachings of some guru in the early 80s and left the band after a tour ended. A year later he released his first solo album "In the Eye of the Storm" which featured the hits "Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)" in autumn 1984 and "In Jeopardy" in early 1985. He wrote, sang and played nearly all the instruments on that cool album. That album proved that Roger was the heart and soul of Supertramp. If you don't believe that then check out the 1985 album that Supertramp made without him, "Brother Where You Bound", which contains the nice Top 30 hit "Cannonball" and lots of wankeroo. Critics called it "Superwimp". Everything the band has done since has been junk.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 22, 2007
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The most underrated band of all time. Started in 1969, and their last album was released in 2002. They're still touring live to this day. You might know them for their song "The Logical Song" but they have much better songs. Similar sounding to prog-rock but use more piano/sax than (electric) guitar.
The best Supertramp songs include Fool's Overture, Child of Vision, Brother Where You Bound, Asylum, and much more.
If you haven't heard about them, you should check them out! They're a really great band.
by ThingsIdRatherNotSay October 30, 2018
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The most underrated band ever. Supertramp is a progressive rock band of the 70's (although they are very different from other prog-rock bands) known for their album "Breakfast in America" released in 1979, and most specifically their hit "The Logical Song". However they have songs and albums much better than that, which, unfortunately, very few people know.
Supertramp is just as good as Pink Floyd, but they don't get as much credit for all the great songs they did.

They have great, but very underrated songs, such as Brother Where You Bound, A Soapbox Opera, Fool's Overture, Even In The Quietest Moments, Try Again, It's A Long Road, Aries, Asylum, Rudy, Hide In Your Shell, Just A Normal Day, Better Days... The list goes on and on...
by ThingsIdRatherNotSay July 30, 2018
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