A term you use when you have to speak to a group of people for half an hour, but you only have one sentence to say. Simply state the sentence, and then add "but again" to the beginning and repeat it until your speech is over. Usually followed by "I cannot stress enough how important this is." This is widely used among uneducated "public speakers."
Lamarche: You have to attend as many workouts as you can. I understand you have a strenuous schedule, but again, you have to attend as many as you can. I cannot stress enough how important these workouts are, so I expect to see you all at these workouts. But again, they are so important that I cannot stress it enough. But again, I'll see you at the workouts.
by MrFly September 9, 2016
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What people commonly say when their Windows computer installs another update.
Computer: Now shutting down to install updates.
by vandrizzle February 13, 2012
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Please see definition of "again".

Groundhogs Day vs. Lather, Rinse, Repeat Cycle.
Again and again and again and again...
by Draeon December 7, 2005
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Doing something in which the experience is pleasurable and leaves you wanting to repeat the experience.
When I was 17, I went to Hawaii with a bunch of football players . We go out one evening and I meet a set of twins that are absolute knockouts. Myself and the twins, end up on the beach drinking and getting crazy naked in the sand. I want to tell you what son,, that night was fucking againable..
by RazorRaz February 12, 2020
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to do something in a continues motion ; Repeating an action
I just made someone life better ... tomorrow * magical sounds * I made another person life better by using the same method again .
by OneWeirdPersonplshelp November 3, 2017
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That perpetual feeling... Never ending... Cyclical... It is the very breathing lifeline behind history, wherein history tends to repeat itself, again. Like that all too common remembrance of the times evaporated into the effortless mist of human experience we inscribe or cease to keep close, again is what makes us human. Again proves time happens, that everything is not just an invention. Again, it gives us hope, and drops us on our faces with the truth of humility when something happens, again.
'Twas not the first time i realized a portion of my life had just been wasted, yet again i choose to cast every precious second away to the epiphany of temporal delicacy.
by The_True_Croissant October 3, 2018
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It is said in a chanting like mannar where you pause after every sylable. You may choose to use fist motions up and down to further the sarcasm of the statement. Tell it again! Tell it again! is used after someone tells a terrible story or just states some form of information that you find unecessary to the conversation. The fist motions work best when slammed upon a firm object to the beat of the syllables.
Example 1-
Person A: Oh my god, this morning I went to get coffee from starbucks and I had to wait like 10 minutes because the line was so long.

Person B: Tell it again! Tell it again!

Example 2-
Person A: I can't stand people that count exact change with a long line of people behind them at the grocery store.

Person B: At my grocery store some lady takes forever to bag the groceries.

Person A: Tell it again! Tell it again!
by Danni yo! July 17, 2008
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