To do something stupid or without thought like George W Bush.
Sticking your hand on that hot flame was just bushy.
by Jamie October 28, 2004
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Couldn’t even eat Amy out last night cause she had a bushy!
by Poppy Von M April 25, 2019
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What you call a girl who has forgotten to mow her private parts
Man 1: Yo bro I've been talking to this girl but her friends have been saying she's a bit of a bushy
Man 2: What does that mean?
Man 1: It means I need to bring a strimmer to the bedroom.
by E has L rizz December 20, 2022
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A name given to anyone with eyebrows that look like bushes.
Raaah, here comes Nathan Sykes a.k.a Bushy, i mean look at those bushes on his face.
by eijer August 3, 2011
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Pronounced buhshee. Used in the same referance as buddy but it proclaims more affection then buddy. You can use it for a best frined that means more to you then family.
Jimmy: Hey bushy whats going on?
Nick: Not much just hanging out.

Jimmy: I love you bushy.
Nick I love you too bushy.
by The original BUSHY March 29, 2010
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Exclusive sub gang of the Taylor gang located in the Northwest region of the United States. Made up of all bad asses and notorious for fucking shit up, smoking hella bud, and their widespread popularity among women.
"Oh my god that guy is so hot, i bet he's a Bushy."
"You're such a fucking Bushy."
"Bushy the fuck up!"
by Captain Bushy November 4, 2011
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noun. A mistake that could have easily been avoided with the least bit of common sense. Dedicated to everyone's favorite lovable idiot George W. Bush.
"Dude i just pulled the biggest bushie!" said Timmy. "What did you do?" asked Billy. "I got a girl pregnant because I thought I could pull out so I didn't bother wit a condom!" exclaimed Timmy. "Damn dude you had better get on the run before she finds you!" said Billy. Timmy then changed his name, left the country, and was never seen again. All of this could have been easily avoided with protection.
by stimulus shady October 30, 2009
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