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To immolate violently and without just cause.
Trogdor burninates the countryside, and any peasant unfortunate enough to cross his path of wanton burnination.
by Stinko Man March 17, 2003
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v. To incinerate something at random without warning, usually by dragon. Commonly affiliated with pesants and the country side in general.
by TheBurninator January 06, 2004
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The state of burning with great power, effectiveness, and effeiciency. The state of burnination is usually acheived by stepping on 10 peasants consecutavly without getting sworded, arrowed or 404'd.
Trogdor will burninate the countryside after he stomps 3 more peasants.
by Matt July 27, 2004
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Burn+in+ate: vb. burninates, burninate-ting or burninated. 1. to undergo or cause to undergo combustion by specific species of dragon (Wing-a-ling) 2. to destroy or be destroyed by dragon fire. 3. (tr) to damage, injure or mark by fire.
1. Trogdor burninated the countryside. 2. (see 1) 3. (see 1)
by John Fraser November 20, 2003
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Present tense of the infinitive "to burninate." To destroy or lay waste by fire, especially fire as from a dragon's mouth (see within the context of "Trogdor the Burninator" at conjugated in past and continuous tenses: -ed, -ing.
Trogdor the Burninator burninates peasants rather efficiently for a mythical creature with an arm on the back of his neck.
by Ben Gardner February 23, 2003
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Destruction by way of conflagration, esp by 'Trogdor.' To become ashen as by pyretic consumption. v. 'Burnination'
"Trogdor was a man. He was a dragon man. Maybe he was just a dragon. But he was still Trogdor."

"Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants! Burninating all the peoples and their thatched roof cottages!"
by Doji Subeta March 25, 2003
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