immoral and lewd; unchaste
Damn bro, Jessica is wanton. --Hell yeah man, cus she be wantin' that cock
by anonymous January 24, 2005
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Wanton means unrestrained or lascivious, not malicious.

The phrase "wanton gore" means "unrestrained, excessive gore," not "malicious gore."
by captainredjava October 13, 2003
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casual and unrestrained sexual behavior while either eating wanton soup or the sexual behavior occuring in the soup.
Oh, we got it on, we got it on wanton style.

Lets wanton tonight!
by spongebob square pants! August 26, 2004
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Delicious Chinese soup ravioli.
I wish to bathe in these wantons.
by argilla11 February 17, 2016
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a very horny Asian dumpling ryan ross really liked in the 1970s
wanton moans
by whiskeyroscoe April 27, 2018
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the wanton imbecile struck a lighter then stuck it up his ass, causing his intestines to explode into bits and pieces disallowing him to eat.
by the noomieee. August 31, 2003
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Pussy pump a girl so her meat flaps are puffed up and chunky, like a wanton noodle. The girl then squeezes her thighs together while a male or female pisses on her crotch. The piss should pool up on her pussy and thighs, resembling the broth from the wanton soup at the local china buffet.
The Wanton - Hey Honey, shut the fuck up, I'm gonna pump that pussy, squeeze those legs, then piss on them. Tell your friend to get over here and drink the broth, save the noodle for me.
by Dev10uS June 15, 2010
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