A quiet, thoughtful guy. Smart and kind and cynical in all the right ways and proportions. You couldn't find a better, more loyal friend. He considers all perspectives but can incisively reject crappy ones. Handsome, tall and slender. Often fair skinned. Adventurous and curious - but a homebody too! An intellectual without being a boring blowhard. Best smile ever.
That guy is a total Burnham! He stood by my side and gave me the best advice. I hope my daughter marries a Burnham.
by halffulll December 20, 2014
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An amazing "rock-pop" band from Vermont, made up of three brothers named Alex, Andre and Forrest. They are signed to Island Def Jam and toured with Justin Bieber on his My World 2.0 tour. They have an album to be released in early 2011.
Wow! Burnham's song 'Catch Me If You Can' is awesome!!
by burnham fan November 23, 2010
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Burnham is a small town in central Maine, known for it's exclusive kind of marijuana, Burnham Red Eye.
Burnhamites are people who live in Burnham.
Almost all of them have smoked weed, and all of them have been exposed to it.
Most people in this town are dealers, or are best friends with dealers.
Burnham is a nice little town filled with weed and good people.
by JohnSmith77 July 27, 2007
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a shitty little town outside of Lewistown, Pennsylvania that doesnt really serve a purpose whatsoever. lol. Shane Pennington lives there though. :)
you burnt the ham, bitch!" "hey we should name this town Burnham!
by thenamelessmayne June 21, 2011
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A fan of the "pop/rock" band, Burnham. Made up of 3 brothers, Alex, Andre and Forrest Burnham, the band has made a name for themselves with catchy music and always being available to talk to fans. These fans now call themselves "Burnhamizers".
Bob: "Have you heard of that band, Burnham?"
Billy: "Yeah! They're pretty cool. I've been a Burnhamizer for a while now."
by burnhamizer January 8, 2011
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The act of having sexual relations with somebody then never talking to them again. Usually this begins in the following 24 hours.
He has a knack for Burnhaming chicks.
by Paul Lipton December 2, 2009
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a place in maine where about half of all weed is grown. stats: 90% of ppl who live in that area over 16 smoke weed. 95% of all weed in pittsfield is from burnham. So ultimately it is an awesome place to live
Yo i got some fresh weed straight from burnham
by qwrtyky1 May 16, 2007
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