When a woman is looking to eat out a man's ass, but only prefers men who are of African American and/or Hispanic/Latino background.
Used in a sentence: "Damn, that brother has got some serious behind. That's a juicy black bean burger!"
by Jenningswriter March 25, 2017
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the funniest server that requires 10 steps of security to join
I made this just to spam the chat because funny!

Burger Man: I just wanted a normal conversation on burger gang
debacle: if you want a normal conversation go to abstraks dweeb
by mggfgamer22351 September 10, 2021
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Dumbing yourself down in order to communicate with one of low intelligence. As a result of this dumbing down you appear to lack intelligence yourself.
Dude, I heard you talking to your girlfriend, talk about a Burger Dilemma!
by bhoj March 12, 2011
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a burger that contains someone’s semen
my boyfriend is so cute he’s making me a shmeiz burger later
by lisha666 November 6, 2020
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Euphemism for an exceptionally tight-fitting vagina. It fits like a glove, around your beef.
“Wow, I fucked Stacey last night, and damn she has a burger glove!”

Claudius slowly lowered himself down upon Penelope, and inserted his throbbing manhood into her steamy burger glove.
by W.L. Sinclair 3rd December 30, 2021
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you eat burgers, another term would be burgereater
oh look, there's agust! My favorite burgerer
by SimplyBloxxed November 10, 2022
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A regularly-cooked burger that is dunked in a bowl of water.
Person 1: Hey, man! I just came up with a cool idea for a new burger that you dunk in water, I call it the Sploosh-burger!

Person 2: Ew, bro that sounds like it’d be horrible.

Person 1: Alright then.

Person 3: I’m going to go sit in the corner and write a Haiku
by Douglass Freshness January 9, 2023
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