When a person is submerged in water and they slightly emerge their anus out of the water and lets loose a high velocity fart spraying water and/or fecal matter resembling a Whale surfacing for air.
Position 31 in the "fartmasutra" is called "The whale".
by Fartmasutra May 3, 2019
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Tyler Shensky
Tyler Shensky Looks Like The Whale LOL!!!!
by Caluh Swift December 29, 2022
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When you’re having anal sex with a girl and as you cum you moan “I’m cumminggggggggg” like a whale call. Then you slap a raw fish on her back which she doesn’t know is going to happen.
Bradley: Dude Vicky was over last night and midway through having sex with her I surprised her by doing the whale.

Stephen: That’s great man, I’ll have to try that with Susie tonight.
by TheMilkMan1011 September 8, 2022
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A person who spend incredible amount of money in gacha type games which makes him/her ultra powerful and godlike.
Commonly used in many reddit mobile game /r.
"HOLY SHIT, I just got recked by that event boss, how can I pull out this?"
"I see, try to add this whale to your buddy, his UR unit with god tier gear can one shot anything in the game!"

"Did you see the new announcement? We have a nice offer coming next week and the girls are so cute! I'm gonna whale like a boss!"
by darkebiru November 12, 2016
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In sales terms, a whale is a prospect that is significantly larger than an organization’s average customer.

Whales are large and extremely difficult to close. Due to their immense size, they are highly sought-after.

A whale is typically identified at first by a whale hunter on the sales team, but often requires cross-discipline participation in order to close; this includes assistance from operations, engineering, creative, client success, and business development teams.
"Shit...the sales director chewed me out on the sales call this morning. He's totally pissed that I have nothing in my pipeline. I've been focused on this one whale for so long that I haven't had time to prospect for normal-sized deals."
by FQ_GFY February 4, 2020
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noun; a wealthy patron to a casino, gets paid special attention by a casino host so the patron will feel comfortable to gamble more money.
My whale just walked in. He is hosting the Ferrari convention downstairs.
by Crazybmws June 22, 2011
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A gambler who has the capacity to win and lose large sums of money in a casino.
Knowing their potential windfall, the casino caters to their whales.
by A-nony August 14, 2012
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