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A system of government that aims to create obedient workers instead of critical thinkers.
Bureaucracy is the reason so why many people lack critical thinking.
by Dubiks March 02, 2019
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1. A form of government in which the true power lies in the hands of committees who dictate policy and bureaus that carry them out, with little accountability to the constituency.

2. A form of government, the authority of which is not so much to accomplish anything, but to obstruct accomplishment by anyone else.

3. The form of government that the United States of America really practices while the politicians distract the constituency.
Many nations and corporations are governed as bureaucracies.
by Downstrike June 05, 2004
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-a nation of politicans making and enforcing so many rules and laws that you can't do anything w/o breaking one
the United States has become a "bureaucracy"
by newfy777 February 14, 2009
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They lost my application for 6 months and informed me I start in 2 weeks. Admissions blames the department and says I should take up my now late grant status with them and the department blames admissions... fuck this bureaucracy and its' circle jerking glory
by pubdragonmonkey December 29, 2010
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a word that means anything you want it to mean in the world, according to Ms. Maroun.
"When I call your name, please bring up your bureaucracy!"
"I have a lot of bureaucratic issues to deal with today."
by marounfanxD September 12, 2017
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