An idiom that refers to the surprised expression in one’s eyes when they’ve seen something amazing or when someone does something extraordinary.
When I saw that nice save by Brodeur on Sportscenter’s Top 10, my eyes were totally bug-eyed!
by The Mikey Show March 01, 2006
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The widening of eyes due to shock, awe or fear.
The teenager was bug-eyed after meeting Jessica Alba
by K2C September 19, 2006
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People who answer to bug-eyed are bug-eyed. Ignore haters who call you bug-eyed.
Margot-No, I I'm not offended by bug-eyed, I don't take it personal that they don't respect me as a feminist, or that respect is earned and not given, even if you're female. No it's a game to me, I can handle it.
by Solid Mantis January 04, 2018
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1.when your high ur eyes are big and red or small and red
2.Dilated Peoples

dude ur so high ur bug eyed!
-kyle flannnery
by flannnery November 14, 2007
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A slang word used in the 1920's describing a very unattractive woman.
Stacy is not a bug eyed betty, she's beautiful
by Asian Kyle July 06, 2008
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The dumbest thing/person ever.
For someone or something to be extremely dumb. (doesnt see the whole picture)
My sister, Shaquanda, wont listen to me, therefore she's a bug-eyed blackfish.
by JMaysing!!!!!!! August 16, 2009
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