A mythical creature from the land of mayhem. Brodeurs typically live in places with ferns and snack on muffins. The females are exceptionally good cooks while the males are exceptionally strong and intimidating. There is also an abundance of Brodeurs living in Massachussetts.
Damn, those Brodeur women really can cook!

Guy 1: Hey what happened to little Timmay?


by nomorelegs August 9, 2009
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To cheat on your wife with her sister.
You never want to marry a Brodeur!
When I found out my husband pulled a Brodeur, he then became my ex.
by ItalianHunk21 June 26, 2011
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to place blame falsely; mislabeled scapegoat

Origin: 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver when Canada lost to the USA. Despite Canada having played very poorly the fans blindly placed blame on the goaltender rather than the defense and lack of scoring.

syn: scapegoat
The poor guy was just standing there when he got brodeured and someone said he threw the rock at the cop.
by pauser February 25, 2010
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he or she is the fucking man

he is hot and sensitive and while fuck the shit out of you
Girl 1: do u see brodeur over there?
Girl 2: yea he is so hot
Girl 1: i just want him to fuck this shit out of me
Girl 2: well he wants me
Brodeur: ladies, stop fighting, ill fuck both of you at the same time
by wang hung too low August 29, 2008
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When one decides to sleep with his sister in law, later to divorce his wife to marry what at one time was his sister in law and make his ex wife his current sister in law
Priest: "And Jim do you vow not to go behind Marcy's back and be a Martin Brodeur"
Jim: "I Do"
by Deviled Eggs May 24, 2011
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The best goaltender in the NHL today, having won two Vezina trophies and three Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils. Severely pisses off fans of the Philadelphia Flyers since he almost always beats them.
I hate Martin Brodeur because that bastard is too good and always shuts down the Flyers.
by Dewey June 15, 2004
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One of the most overrated NHL goaltenders of all time. Though he has great reflexes and makes some outstanding saves, he is the worst NHL goalie fundementally. He has the worst Butterfly in the NHL. In the 05-06 season, fans got to see his real side, without an unbelievable defense in front of him he was just an average goalie.
Martin Brodeur needs to go back to the basics.
by Goalieman296 August 15, 2006
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