Exclusive term used for a hot chick with superior intelligence.
"I could never get that f-ing Buca to go out with me...she's way too hot!"
by bucaggie November 18, 2004
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A strange yet diverse variety of girl, one that randomly practises in unprotected sex with unknown members of the opposite sex while intoxicated on sambuca.
often witnessed on the staly vegas pleasure strip with a bottle of blue WKD grasped firmly in hand.

she as a penchant for ordering clothes from river island and wearing large hoodies whilst lazing about in a intoxicated state of recovery
fuck me Becky hallows won again! team buca
that re-bucas banging lee sykes!!! NOOOOOO
by leeroy sykesbatch III July 28, 2010
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To be disappointed or to be unsatisfied in the quality of an illegal substance after consumption.
Ello govna, that bloody tarnishing so to be chronic was some BUCA ass shit sa!!
by Govna Sa October 12, 2013
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this nigga gay af he loves men and penis
girl: Hey is Lucas gay ?
man: yea lmaoo he likes penis
girl: ew what a fucking penis sucker gay bitch

Bucas is a very gay person
by CoachBlackMan February 07, 2018
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