Jäger on Crack. A type of hard liquor that will "Fuck yo Couch" with its intoxicating flavor it will leave you wanting more and remembering nothing.
Dude 1:"What did you have to drink last night man I heard you decided to go streaking thinking everybody was going with you but you were the only one and ran all the way into town to get KFC?"
Dude 2:"All I remember is an Italian dude handing me a bottle of Sambuca and saying once it hits your lips it tastes so good."
by Flamming B and Cabana May 13, 2008
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An Italian liqueur made from elderberries and flavored with licorice. Rome's drink of choice, this usually colorless alcohol can be served with 3 or 4 coffee beans to enhance its already unbelievable taste. At 42% alcohol (84 proof) it's amazing the consumer can hardly taste the alcohol! Once the shot has been downed, a warming sensation travels through the drinker's throat, providing a joyous, comforting feeling. The aftertaste is that of black licorice. No chaser is needed, for no chase could drown out the flavor of King Sammy B. Sambuca is and forever will be the king of all drinks. All you Fleischmann's and Admiral Nelson's shall bow down and rejoice in his presence. Long live sambuca!
Person 1: Wow, Emma! This sambuca tastes like black licorice syrup! I can't even taste the alcohol!

Person 2: I know, Reid! It's so amazing, I love drinking my sambuca. Nothing else compares to sammy.

Person 1: You got that right. I love going to the Greek bars at 3am and buying a bottle of Romana Black Sambuca for 30 euros. Then wandering the streets with it. We are so smart!

Person 2: Duh. Even though sambuca wasn't kind to me that night, sammy b is still my favorite :)
by Long Live Sammy B November 10, 2010
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Labeled "The Minister of Misinformation" by SOHH posters, Sambuca has fabricated news articles and interviews that have been quoted as factual by rival websites and other media outlets. AllHipHop.com once ran a news story based solely on a Sambuca article, and more recently, radio personality Ed Lover quoted a Prince Paul interview he had read on SOHH which was revealed to be completely made up by Sambuca himself. Credited for inspiring the recent trend on SOHH of people creating fake headlines and quotes regarding the world of Hip Hop (see "Field Mob Day 6/22/06" & recent threads claiming to contain excerpts from non-existent biographies on Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.)
"I don't know where this guy (Sambuca) gets his information from, but at no time have I ever said I invented rap music." - LL Cool J in the March 2006 issue of XXL
by Felicia Palmer July 3, 2006
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A type of alcohol, loved by Mr Coel Hamilton.
by Ddxdxxfdsssx November 10, 2019
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An italian liqueur. It is as strong as vodka or whisky (37.5%) but is easier to drink due to its sweetness which masks the taste of the alcohol. It tastes like aniseed or liquorice and comes in several varieties and colours, including white sambuca (which is actually clear), black sambuca(which is more like a dark purple) and red sambuca (which is actually red). It can be drunk straight, or it can be drunk with 3 coffee beans (known as Sambuca con mosca)in the glass (the beans represent health, happiness and prosperity). It can also be set on fire - a popular way of taking a shot is to light it and then extinguish using the palm of the hand. The glass then sticks to the palm due to suction. The shot is then finished while the drink is still warm.
Man, my last memory of that night was when the bottle of black sambuca I was drinking got finished...

by Mobius131186 August 5, 2006
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A long line of sambuca shots lined up on the bar ready to cause mahem.

The Train will quickly arrive at crazy town where clothing is optional and blindfolded gymnastics are common place.
Dude1: Hey mang you wanna ride the sambuca train?

Dude2: Whoo whooo lets get on it!
by Bluto Slice May 11, 2009
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A liquor from Italy. Its 42% alcohol (82 proof). Romana Sambuca has a strong black licorice flavor.

Some people drink it by watering down, others prefer to drink it straight. Some people light it on fire first etc.

A more traditional way that its drank is by adding 3 coffee beans to the drink.
person 1:I hate the black licorice taste of romana sambuca
person 2:Really? I love the flavor.
by The 211 July 15, 2008
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