Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian term for feces, shit, or poo. "Govna" is plulral, whereas "Govno" is singular. Can be used as a simple noun refferring to feces, or as an insult to something/someone.
aj, nagazio si u govna
"oh, u stepped in some shit"
svi ovi novi filmovi su govna
"all these new movies are shit"
by Mario B December 17, 2004
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An expression for your friend. It is equivalent to Wody, Cuz, Son, Bwoy, Shaggi, Dawg.
What up, gov'na?
A'ight gov'na peace.
by Zach King September 26, 2003
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Pile-of-shit in Serbian.
Svi ste vi govna! (You are all shit!)
by Demonic July 27, 2003
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