(verb) being lazing. used to say you are being lazing but of course that takes too much time and effort so you just say you are "lazing".
tom: dude why don't you change your profile pic, you've had it for three years!
john: dude... I'm lazing right now. Go away.
by dpwupam August 26, 2011
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Lazed - ignoring something cause you're lazy.
have u pwned him in cs yet?
- na, i lazed teh game...
by ceph February 29, 2004
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v. tr.: to doing little or nothing at all; derived from lazy
"Man, it's going to be nice to do nothing but laze about all day."
by J to the Dubs December 12, 2005
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to be lazy,to do very little work.
Guy 1: I only work for 6 hours this week.
Guy 2: Laze!
by Jim Jones January 11, 2003
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a person who sits around and does nothing; a detriment to society
"Wow what a laze," exclaimed Bethany, "All Josh does is watch porn and eat chips."
by Jizzo March 1, 2005
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Foodstuff filled with only the best of the best of the best of the best. Known Ingrediants: Deathrow, Roadkill, Stardust, Nephandous, Turtle, KungFuTortoise, Robert II, Esjay, Kreig, Erin, and many other spicy things. Goes well with pie.
Pirate: Hey, have you tried that LaZe?
Zombie: No, but have you tried my ass?
Ninja: *kills both*
by Robert II September 6, 2003
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One who sits around or pursues any task with inadequate enthusiasm. Different from "couch potato" in that s/he will do things, but only very slowly.
Although Hallie goes to the gym, she's basically a laze cadet, doing the treadmill for only seven minutes.
by Bilham May 21, 2010
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