To shoot someone with no care.
I'll be the last one laughing when you have a buc across your face
by Xyax April 25, 2009
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In Kraków slang (southern Poland) it means dick.

Popular-stupid person.
Pl: Odrzańskiego rybaka obrażasz? Człowieka pracy? Antałek staw, ty ciulu! Ty bucu! Ty mendo miastowa!

A.Sapkowski-Lux Perpetua

Translated: Oder fisherman you insult? The working man? Barrel of beer buy, you ciul! You buc! You city menda!
by Reynevan April 13, 2010
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To ruthlessly shoot at some one with no care.
When I start to buc you better start to duck
by Prince Brooklyn April 2, 2009
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buc buc is a term derived from the latin term "bucus maximus" meaning to talk without meaning or purpose, personally i am quite fond of bucing with no end, it may be considered one of my qualities.
for a buc buc conversation to take place, one person needs to buc and another person needs to buc back-hence the term buc buc.
verb:- 'to buc'
adjective:-{present}-'i am bucing'
{past}-'he buced for ages'
{future}-'i plan to buc quickly'
by The Riksta July 24, 2004
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slang for sports team of Elan School. The Elan Buccaneers.
Hardest working high school team, noted for sportsmanship,
excellence in athletics and achievement.
The Elan Buccaneers have won numerous Regional, Prep and State Championships in both public and private school athletics. The Bucs are not just a team but a way of life.
by Makaveli97 February 9, 2011
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wow, that redhead is so blonde, shes such a BUC
by KT88 January 4, 2009
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Business User Consultant. Often used in the business world.
"That BUC thinks he knows everything, and he's only been here two days!"
by Light Harbinger June 22, 2007
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