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Brynlee will make you laugh and smile. She is so fun to be around because her jokes are the most hilarious. She accepts others for who they are. She has this spirited humor and is so chill to hang with. Brynlee is confident in herself and others. If she puts her mind to it, she will go to the top. Whether it's math, football, or getting along with others, Brynlee is a beast at it. She is good with taking care of little children. All of the neighborhood kids know her as the best big sister, even if she is not actually their sister. Brynlee is very cute, happy, and has the most positivity out there. She loves herself for who she is, and you should too.
Girl: Do you know Brynlee?
Boy: Yeah, like the coolest chic ever.
Brynlee is the princess.
by amazing.dreamergirl September 25, 2019
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The name Brynlee is a combination of the names Bryan and Lee. Brynlees are very smart and are always loyal friends. Brynlees will be there for you when nobody else will, and will always put up with you no matter what. They choose to have a few close friends but also have many acquaintances. Brynlees are usually one of the smartest girls in the class, and leave you speechless when they know everything on the test. Brynlees are the best friends.
Brynlee just got an A on the test in Ms. Castelli’s class...I got a D!
by BellaTheAmazing December 19, 2017
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Brynlee: Brynlee is cute, funny, athletic, smart, and has a great personality! She is normally a very cute girl and cares about another person's feelings and is VERY NICE. You can talk to her about pretty much anything and she is caring. Since Brynlee is an athletic kind of girl, she often plays sports like soccer, or basketball, or maybe even softball or volleyball. She makes a great girlfriend because she is so honest too! Don't mess with her or her mans. Brynlee’s normally date guys of the same hair color finding them more attractive! Most Brynlee’s even date guys with specific names like Max, Sam, Brennon, Isaac and Terryn. Brynlee’s also love to hang with their best friends and need some girl time every so often!
who is that amazing girl over there?
oh that’s just brynlee
by iOnlySpeakFactsOkay October 18, 2019
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A name combining bryan and lee . Also an amazing girl who is very athletic- is nice to everyone but keeps a close group of friends, loves her family and knows how to turn any boring day into one you will not forget! She is a smart person with the gift of discernment.
Brynlee made an a on her test
by darla123 February 03, 2010
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Brynlee is the most talented, funny, athletic, smartest person you will ever meet. She will love softball and basketball and even tumbling. She can do flips and all kinds of other fun stuff. Her besties name will be Abby Terrell. If I were you I would definitely want to be her friend😁😏
Random person: who’s that?

Another random person: are you stupid that’s Brynlee Walls

Made by: Brynlee Walls
by ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ February 08, 2020
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